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General Learning Websites

The BBC – KS2 Bitesize Revision

  • Part of a series of delightful sites that deal with literacy and numeracy challenges in a fun way. Features music and audio.


  • A colourful, easy to use website, packed with printable tools like flash cards, covering reading, writing and math.


  • A jumping off point for a number of 2learn Canadian sites that support both students and tutors at all levels in a wide range of subjects.

Discovery School’s Puzzle Maker

  • Tools to create your own word games.

Mr. Nussbaum

  • A great fun site that deals with a wide variety of subjects, including reading, writing and math. The basic site offers a lot of options like crossword puzzle creation to support specific student learning needs.


  • TV411 is a television series for adults who want to strengthen their literacy skills, produced by the Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA). TV411’s basic programs are designed to help improve reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills as well as specialized programs about retirement, GED preparation and previews for upcoming shows.


  • Covers many topics, from reading comprehension and critical thinking to algebra.

Online Worksheets

  • This site offers randomly generated worksheets for language arts and math. New challenges appear each time a sheet is generated.

HotChalk’s Lesson Plans Page

  • Lesson plans, articles on efficient reading, information about fun science projects and more, organized by grade level.

The Skills Workshop

  • Quizzes, songs, assessments, exercises and math.

Skills for Today’s Workforce

  • The site provides links to workplace skills, personal skills, life skills, math skills and study skills.

School Express

  • Worksheets for a number of areas including phonics, math, language, science, social studies, geography, history, thinking skills, grammar and writing.

Computer/Internet Websites

Government of Alberta Web Wise

  • Online resources for parents

ESL Websites

Learning English with CBC

  • Using multi-media newscasts to help develop English skills.

Internet TESL Journal

  • A variety of ESL activities

English Club

  • An online club for ESL students full of grammar help, irregular verb lists, jokes, games, pronunciation tips, a guide to the Internet and links to ESL sites.

Amby’s Education Site: Language Arts Skills Development

  • High level grammar quizzes, exercises and vocabulary building.


  • For ESL students who are interested in the TOEFL test and TSE.

Geography Websites

Atlases and Maps

  • A list of links to sites that offer atlases and maps

Canadian Geographic

  • The site for the exploration and discovery of Canadian geography.

Environment Canada

  • Environment Canada’s web site provides information on biodiversity, birds, mammals and the weather.

National Geographic

  • An exceptional site! Don’t miss their Homework Help page and take time to explore the wonderful content. Check out the Kids section for fun and games.

Parks Canada

  • Learn about the National Parks of Canada

Statistics Canada

  • Canadian statistics for people and places.

CIA World Fact Book

  • Facts and figures about every country in the world, including maps, flags, demographics, history, economics and more. Sponsored by the CIA.

History Websites

Canada History

  • Canadian History information.

Canada’s National History Society

  • “Devoted to brushing the dust off of Canadian history to reveal our true passion and drama.”

Eyewitness to History

  • The history through the eyes of those who were there. A very attractive and interesting site.


  • Historica is a foundation devoted to promoting Canadian history. Home of the Heritage Minute.

Library and Archives Canada

  • A huge collection of Canadian archived historical material.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

  • The Canadian Encyclopedia is a searchable resource of all things Canadian. This is the best Web site for anyone studying Canadian history.

Math Websites

Cool Math

  • Games, lessons, calculators and more — a fun, informative site.

Fun Brain

  • Interactive and fun, this site includes features designed to help with math, science, grammar and other subjects.

Interactive Mathematics

Interactive exercises and tutorials

  • An excellent site with Cool Tools, Study Tips, Formulas & Tables, and the Wonders of Math.

The Math Forum

  • Extensive help in all math topics

The Math League

  • Test your math skills. Basic math explanations, conversion sheets, math activities and links for homework


  • Offers flashcards, worksheets, a homework helper and games for students with math challenges and their tutors.


  • A user-friendly site that has a number of division practice worksheets and links to other excellent pages.


  • You don’t have to be a kid to benefit from the quizzes, drills, puzzles, and games on this website.

GCF Learn Free Math

  • Math and money, percentages, or using fractions, savings, interest, credit and other practical math topics. Interactive.

Fraction Shapes

  • This is very well illustrated and easy to use. Excellent instruction on Mathematical patterns

Math Goodies

  • Math Goodies is a free educational site featuring interactive math lessons.

Math History Theme Page

  • The history of mathematics.

Math in Daily Life

  • Practical day to day math.

Math Stories

  • Thousands of math story problems organized by grade level and then by topic. Worksheets can be printed and used free of charge.

Web Math

  • This site is composed of many math “fill-in forms” into which you can type in a particular math problem. It analyzes the problem, and when possible, provides a step-by-step solution.

Mathematics Worksheet Factory

  • Free math sheets and answer keys available.

AAA Math

  • General math resources. Great for self-learning.

Visual Fractions

  • A tutorial that models fractions with number lines and circles.

Reading Websites


  • Barnes & Noble offers free online access to those interested in senior level analysis of major literary works, in addition to guides for a number of other subjects.

Reference Websites


Fact Monster

  • A very cool site with interactive tools including a dictionary, atlas and encyclopedia.


  • A thesaurus and link to, its dictionary and other services.


  • The world’s largest online encyclopedia, driven by user contributions. Make sure to double check information with a more authoritative resource!

Writing Websites

Writing Wizard

  • This site offers a wizard to create handwriting and printing worksheets and links to many writing sites.

Common Errors in English

  • Mixing up continual with continuous? Stationery and stationary? This site will set you straight.

Guide to Grammar & Writing

  • A comprehensive collection of grammar and writing articles and lessons, with links to even more information.

Everyday Spelling

  • Spelling activities and strategies up to Grade 8 level.