If you’re a TVLA student looking for links and exercises to help you learn, start here! It’s good for tutors too!

Search, Research and Reference

  • Google: The world’s most popular search engine. Look for additional Google services including news, maps, images and more.
  • Wikipedia: The world’s biggest online encyclopedia, available in most major languages. Try the Simple English Wikipedia if you want more basic descriptions.
  • Dictionary.com: Online dictionary. Look at the top tab of the site for a Thesaurus link as well.

Online Classes

  • Contact North: Contact North provides distance learning opportunities at all levels, from literacy and basic skills courses to university courses. These include credits toward diplomas and degrees, where applicable.
  • Virtual Learning Centre: Online secondary school run by the Trillium Lakelands District School Board, but available to all students interested in a recognized Ontario high school education.

Computer Skills

  • BBC Webwise Computer and Internet Basics: Guide to computer basics, from using a keyboard and mouse on up. Note: This uses Flash and requires some setting information, so ask for help if you need it to set things up!
  • Mouserobics: Basic exercises to help you learn to use a mouse. Note: If you’re using a monitor with a higher resolution than 800×600, increase the page’s text size by hitting CTRL and the + sign — twice ought to do it in most cases! At TVLA, ask for help if you need it!
  • Windows Basics: Microsoft’s guide to computers and Windows for new computer users.

English Language Arts and Grammar

  • Vocabulary.com: Lots of links to vocabulary lists and exercises. Great for tutors too! If you need to, ask for help to find something in particular because it’s a big website.
  • EdHelper.com Language Arts: English language arts at all levels. EdHelper.com also includes sections on other subjects.
  • BBC Skillwise Words: The BBC’s site on English, including grammar and proper use.


  • 4Tests: Practice tests for the GED and other standard tests.
  • Independent Learning Centre: The Ontario government’s provider of GED testing and distance learning.


Employment (Jobs)